On Bandwidth, Speed and Dreams That Come True

Dreams Come TrueTrue story: We all have hopes and dreams. And we all have expectations that kill them. And we also have a lot of other things going on in our lives which make it practically impossible to follow our hopes and … read more »

How Are You Going To Dance? Life explained. Bolywood Style

Indias Got Talent One Legged Dancer

Imagine living with just one leg, with a protease on the other. Imagine going to work, shopping for groceries and clothes, going out with your friends, going to work. Each day, with just one leg. Now imagine you are dancing … read more »

Don’t Let the Pursuit of Happiness Work Against You

be happy nowPursuing happiness became a major theme in all our lives. And for good reason because it should be the main preoccupation. We should be looking for the best life, the best friends and mates, the most appropriate source of money … read more »

Lessons on Copywriting from the Wolf on Wall Street

Lessons copywriting from the wolf on wall street

 “The moment you talk on the phone nothing in the past exists”. This is how the real Wolf on Wall Street, Jordan Belfort used to start the morning meetings with his sales people. In a couple of weeks of them

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First things first

Get your free dose of inspiration

May 2014 be the best year you have ever had, filled up with abundance of all sorts and beautiful people around you!
Make sure you get your free butterfly-ish dose of inspiration on time as there is a lot getting … read more »

The Kodak moment and social media. Tips from centenary companies on how to engage your customers.

kodak moment and marketing

The Kodak moment. A moment that is so beautiful, incredible or downright hilarious that it deserves to be preserved with a picture. The Urban Dictionary.

Kodak’s Colorama campaign developed between 1950 to 1990 clearly stated that perfect pictures had moved

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I was blind but now I see. The key to achieving your goals faster

i was blind but now i see

I was blind but now I see is a quote from ‘Limitless’, a movie about Eddie, a down-on-his-luck author suffering from writer’s block. He takes an experimental drug that unlocks the FULL potential of his brain. The result? He finishes … read more »

Take it personal! A story about dream cars and marketing strategies

|photo pinched from Pinterest.com

Let’s do an imagination exercise and say you are in need of a new car  I know, it should not be hard. You may list any benefits and characteristics but no brands and no brand specifics.

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A month ago I started a series called Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Up Your Sales. Here is the 3rd and final approach, one that actually managed to make a difference in the way I see and build up … read more »



Two weeks ago I started a series called Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Up Your Sales. Here is the 2nd approach, brought by the vice president of digital sport at Nike and the founder of legendary innovation agency AKQA … read more »