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News! Big & Very Big News!

CLARITY is spreading its wings and getting shaped up. This week the cover is ready and I have to say it’s so close to who I am and what I do that it scares me. :)

Clarity Book by author Andreea Mihalcea

Secondly, I’m very excited to … read more »

My upcoming book: CLARITY. How to Share Your Message With Purpose, Power & Passion

Oh my God, the things that happened this week-end! I don’t know where to start. Disclaimer, this is a deeply personal blog post. It’s not about marketing or communication. It’s about me making a huge step forward. And when I … read more »

Have A Little … Patience. Succes Is On Its Way

Have a little patience
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Patience and consistency could be defined as the mother and father of success in general and in all areas of life. I don’t know about you but I truly and with all my heart hate
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On Bandwidth, Speed and Dreams That Come True

Dreams Come TrueTrue story: We all have hopes and dreams. And we all have expectations that kill them. And we also have a lot of other things going on in our lives which make it practically impossible to follow our hopes and … read more »

How Are You Going To Dance? Life explained. Bolywood Style

Indias Got Talent One Legged Dancer

Imagine living with just one leg, with a protease on the other. Imagine going to work, shopping for groceries and clothes, going out with your friends, going to work. Each day, with just one leg. Now imagine you are dancing … read more »

Don’t Let the Pursuit of Happiness Work Against You

be happy nowPursuing happiness became a major theme in all our lives. And for good reason because it should be the main preoccupation. We should be looking for the best life, the best friends and mates, the most appropriate source of money … read more »

I was blind but now I see. The key to achieving your goals faster

i was blind but now i see

I was blind but now I see is a quote from ‘Limitless’, a movie about Eddie, a down-on-his-luck author suffering from writer’s block. He takes an experimental drug that unlocks the FULL potential of his brain. The result? He finishes … read more »

Rules of India and a new set of marketing ideas

British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel, “a place for those who have heard the chimes at midnight”, the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, in a movie with the same … read more »

I love … London!

marble arch

The first time I went to London it rained so much that I was waking up each morning with an ardent desire of sleeping some more. I made tens of plans to go and visit at least some of the … read more »

Landing on Cote d’Azur

Have you ever landed on an island?

If you are not asleep, you will see the difference in sight as the plane gets out of the clouds and approaches the … land. Daytime is mandatory for the maximum view. Except, … read more »