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Speed Selling is in the news & officially launched in Romania!

Great news! We’ve made it to the news! :) A few days before the book launch all media outlets went crazy publishing the press release.

Remember you can get a FREE copy of the book here:,and if you want … read more »

Amazon Bestseller & a new start


I know I’ve been quiet … veeerrryy quiet. It’s been a long year filled up with hard work and growth. But now, I’m back and together with my new book’s launch, I’ll be restarting the activity on my blog. Topics … read more »

Mastering Growth. The London Conference & How I Changed Everything In A Single trip


Who here wanted to change the world when starting your own business? I sure did! :))

Who here wanted to change the world when starting your own business? I sure did! :))

Oh my, oh my :) The Mastering Growth Conference in London was amazing! So many powerful speakers. It was a true honour to be … read more »

First things first

Get your free dose of inspiration

May 2014 be the best year you have ever had, filled up with abundance of all sorts and beautiful people around you!
Make sure you get your free butterfly-ish dose of inspiration on time as there is a lot getting … read more »

2013… welcome!

Call center philosophies, bow ties,  America during world war II, international affairs and a new set of marketing tools. What do all of them have in common? Well… this  blog.

Starting next week, prepare to get a fresh update on … read more »

Take a break! It’s December!

December is called the month of gifts and I hope this year’s gifts are just the ones you are expecting, needing or dreaming about and I sure hope you are sharing the joy with your loved ones.

What the Butterfly … read more »

Starbucks. Love to hate them

Starbucks is being accused in UK for tax evasion, together with Google and Amazon, as CNN aired in a report the other day. Turns out, for incomes that go well beyond the first 6 figure numbers, these guys are paying … read more »

Smartphone Love Affair

smartphone love affair

The other day I was trying to define a template message in my phone. I had no idea where to start. I always say my phone is way smarter than me :). I did what I usually do in similar … read more »

Inspiration’s wall

|custom made here

If blogging is graffiti with punctuation, the walls here have been quite clean after the latest spring break. Not for long though :) My paint spray has been refreshed and hopefully the new posts will be as inspiring … read more »

Spring break

Creative vacation

Looking for new words in unconventional places … Wish me luck :)

Meanwhile, 58 stories on words, communication & copywriting, occasionally sprinkled with funny topics are eagerly waiting to meet your eyes down here.… read more »