Sales Tips for Home Based Businesses | an article for Home Business Magazine


sales tips for home based businessesI loved writing this article for Home Business Magazine. Partially because most great businesses start at home :) I know mine has. Everything may seem different. As a home-based entrepreneur, there are always a million things on your mind. How … read more »

About beginnings, entrepreneurship & using a book as a marketing tool. An interview for Florin Rosoga

Florin Rosoga wanted to know how did I start, what obstacles did I overcome and what are the best tools an entrepreneur can use. Don’t worry if it seems like a different language. It’s not the concept, it’s really a … read more »

The secret to the 100% close rate

It is my belief that anybody can have a 100 % close rate and I share a multitude of strategies on how to get that done in Speed Selling. However, there is an essential one in the lack of which nothing would work.

Why would you do anything but sell and how to change that around


The other day I was talking about how Speed Selling came about with Eric from Entrepreneur Podcast Network and he asked the question I get most often: How come your book starts with the words “I hate sales!”?

The … read more »

Speed Selling is in the news & officially launched in Romania!

Great news! We’ve made it to the news! :) A few days before the book launch all media outlets went crazy publishing the press release.

Remember you can get a FREE copy of the book here:,and if you want … read more »

Have A Little … Patience. Succes Is On Its Way

Have a little patience
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Patience and consistency could be defined as the mother and father of success in general and in all areas of life. I don’t know about you but I truly and with all my heart hate
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Lessons on Copywriting from the Wolf on Wall Street

Lessons copywriting from the wolf on wall street

 “The moment you talk on the phone nothing in the past exists”. This is how the real Wolf on Wall Street, Jordan Belfort used to start the morning meetings with his sales people. In a couple of weeks of them

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The Kodak moment and social media. Tips from centenary companies on how to engage your customers.

kodak moment and marketing

The Kodak moment. A moment that is so beautiful, incredible or downright hilarious that it deserves to be preserved with a picture. The Urban Dictionary.

Kodak’s Colorama campaign developed between 1950 to 1990 clearly stated that perfect pictures had moved

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Take it personal! A story about dream cars and marketing strategies

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Let’s do an imagination exercise and say you are in need of a new car  I know, it should not be hard. You may list any benefits and characteristics but no brands and no brand specifics.

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A month ago I started a series called Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Up Your Sales. Here is the 3rd and final approach, one that actually managed to make a difference in the way I see and build up … read more »