If you thought even for a second that the title of this blog ressembles Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw your intution was right :) I am a big fan of Gladwell and although this particular book (a curated collection of his NY Times articles) is not one of my favorites, the article in question inspired me a lot. In What the dog saw he talks about the famous Cesar and the dogs show and questions what is it that the dogs see in Cesar that transforms them from angry, violent and quite dangerous animals into the loving pets they used to be.

Of course, butterflies are quite different from dogs and they don’t usually have anger issues. However, I like to think at their evolution from cocoon to nature’s colourful masterpiece as very similar to our own path, whether we want to achieve mastery in our personal or professional life.

Thus, What the Butterfly Saw is a way of discovering how and what we could perceive, behave and talk in order to become better, more joyful, loving and caring. All the time. Business included.*

What is business doing in this butterflies/Cesar and the dogs talk? All successful entrepreneurs will tell you this: business = people = anything else but the cold, careless environment you think of when you first hear this term. Knowing the ones with whom you’re dealing and knowing what they have to see to become life-long customers will make your work days a lot more fun.

So … who am I and what will you find here?

I am an author and a marketing junkie, an entrepreneur and a personal development fanatic. I help young entrepreneurs, sales professionals and high achievers multiply their income with integrity and create a business model they love. That’s why writing about it became a MARKETING AFFAIR. My book, SPEED SELLING. The Fast Track To Double Your Sales Without Sacrificing Who You Are details this subject.

Just like you, I embarked some time ago in a self discovery journey and it’s filled up with world wide travels, innovative stories, amazing books and wonderful people I am blessed to encounter. I write about them in the PURSUIT OF JOY.

GRAFITTI WALL includes articles that didn’t find their way in any of the previous categories but I still wanted them to see the world.

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