The secret to the 100% close rate


As a sales trainer I get this question ALL the time: How can I get to a 100% close rate? I know for sure I would have LOVED to have the answer to this question when I was starting off. I learned through trial and error. You can simply take my word and work for it :).

There is one simple concept who makes this possible. It’s called flexibility. It is my belief that anybody can have a 100 % close rate and I share a multitude of strategies on how to get that done in Speed Selling. However, there is an essential one in the lack of which nothing would work.

flexibility is the key to 100% close rate

Flexibility means as you go in a meeting the only question that should go through your mind is “How can I help him? How can I help him? How can I help him?” What you may discover, as you relentlessly ask this question is that your standard offer may be a perfect for him or … it may be that you need to bring in more resources, experiences from other projects, a totally different service. What is that something? It’s up to you to configure it as you LISTEN to your prospect.

The fact of the matter is if the two of you are at that table, you have no excuse not to successfully sell  something. See, there is a difference between the way to look at your meetings and prospects during your end of the month report and the real life encounter. Don’t treat them as numbers in real life and you’ll discover how every sales meeting has a 100% success rate and you are getting to that 100% close rate.

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