Why would you do anything but sell and how to change that around


The other day I was talking about how Speed Selling came about with Eric from Entrepreneur Podcast Network and he asked the question I get most often: How come your book starts with the words “I hate sales!”?

The matter of fact is, before writing this book, I thought I would rather do anything else but sell. I didn’t like it, I was a sucker for all cheap, manipulative sales techniques and I never ever wanted to face any salesman. Ever. I wanted to do a book on communication. And then my amazing publisher and partner Gerry Robert said to me: Ok! So we’re gonna do a book on sales and marketing. I saw your content and it has great teachings for sales people, entrepreneurs, business owners. You name it. They need to know your content.

Well, what do you do when the guy who’s in business for decades and has been generating over $100 million in revenue gives you a path to take? You take it!

Long story short, the more I thought about it and researched, the more I realized we sell every day. Whether it’s our own ideas, dinner plans, life long plans, personal and professional goals. We sell every day and sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. Some buy what we sell and some sell us their own ideas and plans better. And guess what? It’s ok!

We would anything but sell

Where we freeze though is in this idea that for our business we absolutely must never fail. We should never get a NO for an answer. So we avoid it. We would do just about anything except selling. That’s why the product is never good enough, the customer service team is never ready enough and the business never takes off good enough. Because we compromise. We give up on our big dreams and goals to the comfort of not being rejected.

Well … think about it for a second. You’ve been selling your entire life. And you’ve been failing every so often. Not all your friends wanted to go to the movie you wanted, not all your business partners agreed with your plans but you still went ahead. So, news flash: you’ve already failed! you’ve already been rejected! and you survived. Because it’s not you whom they say NO to. It’s the way you present the opportunity, maybe the opportunity itself. And when you stop making it about what you thought it’s right for them and start focusing on what they need and how you can blend your experience and services to help them, there are no more NOs.

I get you. I was there. I hates sales! I would have done anything but sell. Until I made it about you! My reader. That’s when I dedicated a year and a half to write a book on a subject I thought I hated :).

Lights on you now! Go out there and sell something today!

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