Mastering Growth. The London Conference & How I Changed Everything In A Single trip


Who here wanted to change the world when starting your own business? I sure did! :))

Who here wanted to change the world when starting your own business? I sure did! :))

Oh my, oh my :) The Mastering Growth Conference in London was amazing! So many powerful speakers. It was a true honour to be there and share the stage with them. And the audience… amazing. Bright and smart and truly present. In all my speaking and events experience, I  have not seen a more “present in to the now” crowd before. I had so much to learn from them and, of course, from the whole experience.

My talk was titled Get Your Clarity On. How To Make People Love Your Product and Multiply Your Business. I’m looking forward receiving the recording and to share it with you but until then … let me give you a sneak-peak ;).

I believe there is more to business than heartless, manipulative and aggressive selling. I think a business can truly help by offering products or services of real need to its target audience and I believe it can all unfold and develop profitably and ethically in the same time. Looking back at my own struggles as I was starting up, I realised that although I had started thinking that I can change the world with my activities, I took on a lot of advice from people I thought knew better. And by the time I realised I was doing something wrong I had almost hit rock bottom.

And it took me some time to recover and understand that unless you act from a place of Clarity your path to success will always get stuck on the way. So I created the Get Your Clarity On 3 Step Formula, to help my favourite people (the high achievers and young entrepreneurs) get the foundation right for their activities.

Speed Selling By Andreea Mihalcea. Principles of Clarity in Business

I’ll talk more about each step in the following blog posts and … soon enough I’ll be announcing my next webinar on this very topic! So stay tuned!

Being in London with my amazing publisher and the team at Black Card Books gave me the opportunity of truly analysing my own purpose with the book I’m writing and the projects I’m developing starting from it. I used to say my book’s title is Clarity and the first person it is giving clarity to is myself. :)) And it did clear out the ideas in my head, in one of the most unexpected possible ways. See, Clarity as a project handled communication from the bedroom to the boardroom. And it sounded really good and I really wanted to make it happen but I had this nagging feeling (which I can now admit :)) that I was loosing myself in the process. Because I’m passionate about sales & marketing and I had started to read about parenting, relationship tips & tricks and how to explain to your kid how to express his personality. In itself, the information is marvellous and I’ll definitely make good use of it. But you know how we should always do what gives us the most joy? Well … finding the ethics in sales & marketing is what gives me joy. So CLARITY became SPEED SELLING. The Fast Track To Double Your Sales Without Losing Who You Are. I kept all clarity in business ideas and added some very cool and easy to use strategies to complement them. Some of the ideas you’ll be reading about:

  • The New Laws of Marketing & Sales: Why You Should Always and Forever Forget About Persuasion & Manipulation
  • The Purple Cow Element. How To Really Stand Out From The Crowd
  • The WOW Factor: How to Make People Love Your Product & Recommend You Further
  • Ethical Leadership: How To Make Sure Your People Over Deliver Every Single Time

So there you have it! I promise the best of me is coming your way! Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to be the first to get this blog’s updates!

Bright days ahead!

Andreea “The Ethical Marketer” Mihalcea :)

PS: I only work with high achievers and people that want to make a real change in their field with honesty and integrity. They’re all action takers, they understand the value of making up their minds fast and sticking to their decisions and they seize opportunity when it shows up. Because they asked me to, I created a PRE-ORDER opportunity for my book. And since it’s a pre-order, I’m packing it with my very best work summed up in €500 worth of bonuses and a way to get it all for FREE! The offer will be gone once the book is out.
Are you one of them? Are you an action taker? Then click on the button below and take advantage of this offer 😉

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If not, it’s perfectly fine. But just so you know … I believe you can be one. I believe you can upgrade your business or career in the most powerful, profitable and ethical way. If it’s not me who can cheer and support you as you do it, I’m still sure you will eventually find your way to the top.

MAstering Growth Conefrence London Andreea Mihalcea Speed Selling


PPS: Do you know you can’t possibly grow and achieve the high success you dream of without a healthy body? Here are some resources of amazing resources of products that will bring you the clarity you need to make the right decisions in any circumstance.

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  1. Cristian Maria Cristina says:

    Congrats Andreea! I am so happy to see that your dreams came true :)! I am waiting the following advices because I am really interested in this subject :)!

    • Andreea Mihalcea says:

      Thank you Cris!!! Yes, yes! New info is coming up and … if you need to talk on your particular field, let me know and we do a special coaching session for you 😉

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