My upcoming book: CLARITY. How to Share Your Message With Purpose, Power & Passion

Oh my God, the things that happened this week-end! I don’t know where to start. Disclaimer, this is a deeply personal blog post. It’s not about marketing or communication. It’s about me making a huge step forward. And when I say huge … huge is not huge enough.

Long story short, this week-end I signed a contract with BlackCardBooks, the fastest growing publisher in the world today. My upcoming book, CLARITY. How to Share Your Message With Purpose, Power & Passion. From the bedroom, to the boardroom is in the making and scheduled for launch in the fall (if all goes well and I don’t have any writer’s block :D).

On March 5th I’ll be speaking in London at the Mastering Growth Conference and soon enough, there will be a new website and a whole lot more publicity happening. So stay tuned!

When Gerry Robert says you're his next Superstar Author and Speaker, your dreams start to scare the hell out of you :)

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