Have A Little … Patience. Succes Is On Its Way

Have a little patience
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Patience and consistency could be defined as the mother and father of success in general and in all areas of life. I don’t know about you but I truly and with all my heart hate this conclusion. I was sure I was on the look out for that one thing that I had to do to transform my love life and bring up to light my soul mate, one idea that would explode my business and magically transform it according to my dream scenario, one diet that would shape my body after some standards designed more by fashion magazines and less by my own self.And I tried. Oh boy how much I tried. And I always blamed myself for mistakenly taking the wrong path, the wrong decision, the wrong action. Until one day somebody came to me and said “I have no idea how you managed to create such a successful business but I would love to hear about it”In vain I tried to explain how far it is from what I envisage it to be. That the website is not at its best, that the team is not yet fully harmonised, that the strategy is sometimes shaking. That I had not found that idea that would make it perfect.
He insisted it was one of the best he’d seen.

I ultimately gave up and told him the story of how it all started, more than 2 years ago. What?!? 2 years? Where did 2 years go? (this is my internal talk) As I was telling my own story, it hit me: I had been consistent and trusted the process I myself had put in place. I never gave up and always found solutions to what I wanted to do. Hmmm, so what am I running after? What do I want to do with that idea?Cause it looks like I had a whole lot of cool ideas until now.

Than patience, the song, came to my mind. Yeah, I know. My mind is hyper active :) You too can listen to it here while you think of a way to have more patience and love yourself more. :)

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