Don’t Let the Pursuit of Happiness Work Against You

be happy nowPursuing happiness became a major theme in all our lives. And for good reason because it should be the main preoccupation. We should be looking for the best life, the best friends and mates, the most appropriate source of money and anything that makes us feel joy. And somehow along the way, we got to the idea that we don’t have “what it takes” to be happy and realised we “have” to enroll in a quest for happiness.

So personal development coaches look for strategies, blog/book writers divide the process into small little steps that need to be taken or ideas that have to be ditched, people that have to be avoided and foods that have to be favoured in order to achieve the ultimate state of happiness. Yet, the greatest teachers in the world today talk about something very basic that is very often forgotten in our fervent quest: we don’t have to go anywhere to be happy, we don’t have to avoid people, situations, food to be happy, we don’t have to pursue happiness. Happiness is already here. Within us. Happiness is a matter of choice. The choice of seeing that any glass is filled half with water and half with air.

“The world is not broken” Esther Hicks says. “The world is going to survive and you will continue to thrive.”

For sure we can improve. And we should too, as there are so many aspects of us that need to manifest in a way or another that it would be a pity to stop evolving. Plus, tt’s supposed to be a lot of fun :)

“Joy is the purpose of life” Hicks affirms with such an energy in her tone it is impossible not to feel it too.

Don’t think of the things you want and you don’t have but at the things you don’t want and you don’t have. Be grateful and be happy today as you pursue the next happy moment. Don’t wait up for anything. Just be. Happy. :)

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  1. Armand says:

    Hi Andreea,
    it was great meeting you last weekend at Gerry Robert Bootcamp in Glasgow. Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story with me, I congratulate you. well done! you got me fired up and I looking forward meeting with you again to share more success.

    Thank you


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